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Our History

Our History

Azra and her family have been experts in the selection, preservation, cleaning, restoration and repair of fine Persian and Oriental rugs for decades.

Each rug is an original work of art, a hand crafted treasure unique in styling. These valuable heirlooms are commonly passed down for generations to come.

Azra Oriental Rugs has been in business for three generations, coming to the US in 1989. Our current location is in Miami Circle, right off Piedmont Road in the heart of Atlanta. Come visit us!

Our History


In order to maintain a rugs optimum condition, a professional wash every two to three years is recommended to remove the dirt and debris which could erode the natural fibers.

Excessive wear and damages such as rips, frays, stains, moisture, spills and foot traffic require repairs or restoration to prevent further damaging surrounding fibers.

Our experts will wash virtually any rug, removing most stains, without the risk of color bleeding.

The key to the soft and luxurious texture is an outdoor gentle sun-dry technique. We will repair extensive damages to weave or fringes.

Our repairs are painstakingly hand woven using carefully matched old wool.

When the process is completed, the rug will look as if it were never damaged. In most cases, well have to point out the repair area to you!


We do our own cleaning and DO NOT work with 3rd party cleaning companies!

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